Oct. 27, 2004


by tonydoug wright

Skooshny, Zoloto (Vibro-Phonic, 2004)



Mark Breyer (Guitar and Vocals), Bruce Wagner (Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals) and David Winogrond (Drums).


Skooshny, named after the Russian word for "boring", is described in a Google™ search as "Too late for the Byrds. Too early for R.E.M.". Mark Breyer and David Winogrond formed Skooshny during the mid-1970s in Los Angeles but they broke up in the early 1980s after a handful of EPs and singles were released to some critical acclaim and lukewarm sales. In 1991, the members of Skooshny were informed that their albums were considered collectors items in Europe. The news led to a Skooshny reunion of sorts including their only live show to date. Zoloto, a Russian word for "gold", is a best-of compilation spanning a career of twenty-something years that features four new Skooshny songs.


Zoloto chronicles the on-again/off-again career of three reclusive musicians who create timeless and well crafted California folk-rock songs. Mark Breyer's vocals, which can be easily compared to Tom Petty, fits perfectly with Bruce Wagner's beautiful guitar work, especially on tracks such as "The Water Song", "Even My Eyes" and "Science Changes Everyone". Skooshny's career might be an enigma to some but Zoloto gives us the opportunity to experience the greatness of this L.A. trio.





Sep. 7, 2004

The following review appears in the latest edition of the internet zine A&A:

Skooshny Zoloto (Vibro-Phonic)
Bright, brash rock and roll. Skooshny (one of the greatest band names I've ever heard) jangles its way through 20 tracks here...and all of them are worth hearing. These boys aren't the most polished players around, but that's cool. These songs sound better played loose and ragged. Great fun.





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